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Jan 17, 2007
Hi everyone, this is Corey White. Just wondering if you are still working on transfering your art to the computer and creating computer graphics? I’ve got some real good art supplies for doing just that at home now. I ordered some transparent plastic, that is chemically treated to pick up wet media like ink, marker, paint, and air brush. I’m using grease pencil on it now, and doing sketches that look wonderful. Using photoshop there isn’t a lot you can’t do to take whatever artwork your bring on to the computer and transform them into totally new creations. If you want to look at my sketch just go here: http://www.ckoogle.com/atlanta.gif

This is what the professionals are using, and even when doing photorealistic computer graphics they are still just using basic tools in photoshop to blend 3d models with real photos. It isn’t hard at all! And if you want a roll of this paper I have a large roll I could spare. Or just order direct from the only company I can find that sells this stuff:

From: http://www.dickblick.com/zz555/07/

Dura-Lar Wet Media

For all of its usefulness, acetate does cause a few headaches – ink that won’t stay, a yellow or grayish cast to old acetate, edges that curl. The alternatives are expensive and sometimes just don’t suit the purpose.

Dura-Lar is the acetate alternative. It combines the best features of Mylar and acetate, and offers a variety of products so that you can purchase the film that suits your needs precisely. It is always consistent in color and overall clarity, and won’t discolor with age. Dura-Lar is archival quality, safe for overlaying artwork, and it lays flat. It will remain dimensionally stable for as long as you need.

Dura-Lar Wet – Specially coated on both sides to accept paint, marker, pen, and airbrush without bleeding, crawling, or chipping. It’s available in individual sheets (larger sizes), in pads of 12 sheets (smaller sizes), and in rolls of varying lengths and widths.

Comes in sizes big enough to paint a small mural.

Must-have mockup pack for every graphic designer 🔥🔥🔥

Easy-to-use drag-n-drop Photoshop scene creator with more than 2800 items.

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