Need info on Fonts, their copyrights and use in publication

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Jul 5, 2004
Is there a good reference on font usage? For example if I have a font that the printer does not have, how does that work? Do I need to purchase another license for him or use my own? I understand much of this may be baseline for many but for those of us who want to do it right please advise. Thanks.

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Jul 5, 2004
You may not give a copy of the font to the printer, legally (it is done a lot, though). Technically, the printer should buy a copy (no doubt adding it to the bill). The best way to avoid this is to send PDF files, rather than application files like PSD, which allow the printer to output the file with embedded fonts, and not requiring a licence.

There is a good typography forum here in the Adobe forums family, and one of the Adobe type managers is there regularly, if you need an official word on this. (My advice is just paraphrasing what I have read from him).
Jul 5, 2004
While Don is essentially correct, the real answer is "it depends." All fonts have different licenses. Some don’t even allow embedding in a PDF.

Adobe allows you send the font file to a printer, but only if the printer already has a licensed copy. This is to make sure that he’s using the same version as you.


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