my presentation and USP update

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Kelly McCulloch
Nov 2, 2004
Hi folks

thanks again to all that helped with my presentation for uni, and ideas for my USP (unique selling point)

Presentation went quite well, and tutor was impressed with USP, said it was best out of all the presentations she’d heard so far!

It went something like:

" I don’t see this (graphic design/digital art) as a 9-5 job, nor do I want to! I don’t believe the creative process is something that can be turned ‘on’ and ‘off’ with office hours!! "

We now have write a branding blurb about ourselves and our current professional identities, including our USP. She said that my USP idea was great, but had to be worded better into more of a slogan. Suggested I get help from one of the scriptwriters on the other course, but everyone is understandably busy bees with their own projects so I thought id put it to you guys, see if anyone had any ideas?

Thanks in advance!!


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