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Nov 10, 2003
Can someone kindly direct me to a weblink that shows the product upgrade requirements for photoshop 8 and also "cs" ? If there is one page that shows the upgrade requirements for all of the standalone products and suites, I’d love to have that link as well. I have an earlier version of photoshope and one of the earlier suites – but I’m not sure if I need to purchase full retail or qualify for the upgrade — you would think that type of information would be easily available- – but I couldn’t find it anywhere.

Final question: I’ve never used customer support before, but I wanted to know before I purchase photoshop 8 or CS how difficult or hard is it to email technical or pre-sales support for these products? Has adobe followed the trend of microsoft and simply tried to make it as difficult as possible to get email support?

I’m not sure what product(s) will meet our needs, and it would be really great if I could email adobe and have them answer specific questions and provide recommendations. I’ve searched ADOBE.COM for over an hour now, and have yet to find an email link to pre-sales email purchase assistance.

Please forgive if this is wrong forum, I didn’t see a "CS" forum (if it’s there, I didn’t see it and couldn’t find it.)

Thank you for your kind assistance,

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Nov 10, 2003
If you click the "order" button on the page of any of the products you will be taken to a page that shows the upgrade requirements. If you want to speak with someone on the phone about specifics, you can find the number for your area here:

One thing to keep in mind is there is no Photoshop 8 mentioned on the site. Photoshop CS is the version after Photoshop 7.
Nov 10, 2003
Thank you for your kind reply, it says you must have a licensed version of photoshop 7.0 or earlier in order to qualify for photoshop CS.

I take this to mean that my photoshop 4 with a 5.5 full upgrade will will allow me to upgrade at the upgrade price?

thank you for the phone number -for pre sales support – i will have to give them a call.

Anyway thank you
Nov 10, 2003

I take this to mean that my photoshop 4 with a 5.5 full upgrade will will
allow me to upgrade at the upgrade price?<<


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