PSCS8 misnaming file extensions – restoring a file possible?

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Aug 9, 2008
Hi, I desperately need someone to help me..I just made a whole website design in 3 psd documents, and I went to save as on each of them, and had .psd selected. It saved, and I thought it was ok. But then I went to open it again and it had a smaller file size than I expected…and I realized it was a jpg disguised as a psd, which also when opened gave me the classic ‘Cannot open..not a valid photoshop document’…but of course even the jpgs are useless to me as I had various pages on different layers, made invisible. Under normal circumstances I would accept it and start again, however I have not since closed photoshop since I began tweaking them, and thus wondered if it might at all be possible to reload the documents as they once were (they were all real .psd documents before I opened them today).

2.8Ghz Athlon
1GB ram
ATi Radeon 9800

Any enlightenment you could offer would be great help.

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Aug 10, 2008
If you have the original file in history, you can use it to get back to earlier work. Not likely, if you have saved.

BTW, the only way you could have saved as jpg with PSD extension is through a user error. You should try and pin down what you did wrong so you don’t repeat the mistake.
Aug 10, 2008
No, it wasnt anything I did, I saved two separate instances and I made sure one had each file extension. It just seems that when I use the same file name it screws up as the jpg will impose as the psd and replace it – it didnt warn me either.

How do I get back to the original file? Does the depend on it not being overwritten?

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