CS3 vista and Nikon D300

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Joe Fitzpatrick
Jun 29, 2008
A couple of queries/issues. Firstly, Bridge does not display my D300 raw files although CS3 photoshop handles them fine. I downloaded and (presumably) put the plug-in in the right place for both Photoshop and Bridge to handle. Any suggestions as how to get Bridge to also display raw thumbnails?

Secondly, when I open a jpg from Bridge to Photoshop, I get a raw interface (which in some cases is fine, but mostly a time-consuming delay) before opening in Photoshop. I usually shoot capturing in both raw and jpg and the idea is that jpg is for quick’n’dirty prints. Raw is for a more thoughtful and careful workflow. Is this raw interface for jpgs correct? If so, how do I turn it on/off?
Thanks in anticipation

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