Stereo values?

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Harvey Jewett
Oct 17, 2008
Does anybody know what the distance the values represent in the Stereo rendering settings for 3D? I know the focal plane value is limited to +/-100, but +/-100 what? Same with the parallax for the cameras. The default is 5, but 5 what?

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Oct 23, 2008
Nobody knows what theses values represent.

I even called adobe and nobody could answer this question.

After some testing I think that the focal plane value represents 1-100% of the 3D bounding box where at 0 the object is centered on the focal plane. The parallax value may represent centimeters between the cameras assuming normal/natural viewing distance. Of course I will update this post when I know for certain.
Oct 23, 2008

Both of these fields don’t have a unit value. The input accepts a number 1-100, and then applies a complex formula to result in the descriptions below. The values are relative to the scene that is present so there’s no absolute unit to apply.

Parallax: Adjusts the distance between the two stereo cameras. Higher settings increase three-dimensional depth but reduce depth of field, making items ahead or behind the focal plane appear out of focus.

Focal Plane: Determines the position of the focal plane relative to the center of the model’s bounding box. Enter negative values to move the plane forward, and positive values to move it backward.

I hope this helps, but please ask more questions if not. And no I don’t have the complex formulas at hand to publish ;-).
Oct 23, 2008
I figured the 1-100 was relative to the scene. So does +100 move the focal plane to the back of the bounding box or beyond?

Well, I’m gonna test it to death anyway. So, I guess I will figure it out.

I’ve already created some basic 3D scenes, interlaced, printed & laminated them. They look great. This feature is off to a great start.
Oct 31, 2008
If you haven’t seen this yet, Russell Brown has some great content for Lenticular Imaging with PsCS4.

<> (scroll to Lenticular Imaging… section)
Nov 4, 2008
Thanks Steve, I have seen Russell Brown’s tutorials. They’re great, he has a fun way of explaining things. Even Russell leaves out what what the value is relative to though.

Yes the value moves the item in front of and behind the focal plane but I can’t believe there isn’t a simple answer as to how much.

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