Working in Text – Absolute Nightmare!

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Neil Wilkes
Nov 7, 2006
The wording is – Insufficient RAM Installed.
This also comes up when trying to save after working in text edit for a while.

I will try to repro, but it is not easy. I was copying and pasting from Textpad into a series of around 40 menu pages ( using template for NTSC 4:3) non-square pixels. After anything from 5-10 pages the text would delay for up to 60 seconds when pasted in before displaying. This would be a sign that I would get the "insufficient RAM" message soon,it would follow the next few pages on. When I tried to save the file in order to close PS and re-boot I would get a message telling me that I could not save. Can’t remember the exact wording of this.

I hope this will help to track the problem down – and will attempt to repro exactly tomorrow.

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Nov 7, 2006

While I’d not expect it to be related to your problem, why aren’t you enabling the 3GB switch? If you’re running a 64-bit O/S, I understand, but otherwise you’re losing the usability of 1GB of RAM in WinXP32. With the 3GB switch enabled, Photoshop and other applications will be able to use 3GB of your total RAM while Windows allocates the reamining 1GB for itself (as I understand it).


Nov 7, 2006
Neil – again, we need the EXACT wording of the error message.

There is no such message as "insufficient RAM installed" in Photoshop.

Yes, the exact wording matters (because most of those error messages mean exactly what they say).

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