Were to store custom brushes?

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Nov 7, 2003
I downloaded several sets of brushes from the exchange, and put them in my presets/brushes file. They have disappeared. Do I need to store future brush downloads in a folder on the desktop? What has me puzzled is that I likewise had my custom styles in a preset file, and they are still present…are they also at risk of disappearing too? Oh, resetting elements won’t work…had to reinstall program due to my computer taking a serious dislike to the snapaction add on. (Before anyone says duh, they were already gone before uninstall). Thank goodness for XP restore points! I’m using PE 2. OS is Win XP on a 2.08 GHz AMD Athlon XP with 512mb DDR SDRAM. Thanks in advance for any advice on proper storage of my brush sets.

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Nov 9, 2003
Hi Terri,

I can’t think of any reason why your brushes should disappear … I was hoping that someone else might have had a clue but it seems not.

What I can suggest is something I do. When I down load brushes, styles … anything for Elements I put it in the relevant Elements folder … then put another copy into a backup folder. I also do this if I customise brush sets, gradients etc. I have the download folder organised with separate subfolders which show the type of download (brush, style, gradient etc). Sounds a lot of work but in fact it only takes seconds and if at anytime you need to do a reinstall it saves a lot of grief.

I know that this won’t help you this time but it may do for the future.
Nov 9, 2003
Thanks for the advice Wendy. I will start copying asap. It took a LONG time to download the replacements since I have a slow and at times very very slow dial up connection. I don’t want that to happen again!

Nov 10, 2003
I do a similar thing – with any software, software updates, extras, plugins that I download, I save the zip/otherwise compressed original downloaded files into a folder called downloads which gets copied onto a CD periodically. I tend not to back up my application folder as I have all the original software on CDs anyway – this way any add-ons are sure to be backed up – that way if my system goes down/hard drive dies/ I need to reinstall drivers or software for some reason, I will have all the updates etc available and won’t have to download/try to find everything again.

Susan S
Nov 10, 2003
Thanks Susan…I’ve been meaning to do that especially after the bad installation. I have my system backed up in a partition in hard drive but I might end up backing it up too since HP didn’t include a CD. Now if I can only decide between using CD or DVD.

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