Making linear text curved PS 5.5

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Jul 11, 2003
Select the Text tool and type in your text. Then on the text palette click the little icon with the T… and the little curve under it. Once selected a window will come up that will allow you to select what kind of curve you want and some properties you can adjust to achieve the exact look you want. Good Luck!

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Jul 11, 2003
The feature that jrchesnes speaks of was not available in 5.5.

If you want to place text on a curve (or fit to a path), you have to do it letter by letter. There are tutorials that you can google to find out how, but it is an arduous process.

Most would recommend doing it in a vector program like Illustrator, or what I do which is I have Paint Shop Pro which has this feature – that’s the only reason it’s still on my HD.

Paint Shop Pro from Jasc has a 30 day eval you can download, fully functional.

Jul 11, 2003
I just realized that you are working with PS 5.5. Curving text is not an option in that version of photoshop. It was incorporated starting in version 6.0. Sorry, you might have to get an upgrade or do it the long way. The long way is where you make each individual letter on seperate layer and manually rotate them using a circle or path as your reference. Then just turn the circle or path off once everything is in place. It’s a real pain to try to do before version 6.0.

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