Not to debate whether PS CS is slower than PS7, but…

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Nov 26, 2003
….for my particular system, PS CS appears signficantly slower than PS7. I tend to suspect this is due to some sort of optimization in PS CS that might take advantage of CPUs that are more current technology than the 550MHz Pentium IIIs in my system.

With that in mind while troubleshooting a PS CS problem I’ve been having, I stopped along the way to capture some snaps of the CPU Usage graph from the WinXP Task Manager, for the PS7 vs. PS CS execution of a test action that I once made up. I’m not here to encourage anyone to download my test image (22MB) or even the action, but if you’d like to see info on that as related to when I first did such an exercise for PS6 and Win98 vs. Win2K, you can refer to <>. In any case, the image linked below illustrates and summarizes my quickie PS7 versus PS CS test. For both versions I used a 72% RAM allocation and then, not shown, repeated the PS CS test at a 40% allocation with virtually identical results. This latter test was done in response to seeing a post about how the RAM allocation for PS CS may need to be set lower for better performance, if I read it right. Anyway, here’s the image:


By the way, I hope to set up a web page eventually to gather and report data from PS CS users using some new test action that I’ve yet to make. I’ll take a wiser approach of providing a test image in JPEG format so that it isn’t such a large download. Then, part of the test action will involve resizing the image up to a much larger file…perhaps on the order of 50MB. That isn’t large to some users, but it’s likely to be more readily handled by a broader range of computers than an even larger image with high memory demands.


Jan 5, 2004
Nope – its looking to see if you changed hardware so you can activate it again ! Seems if Adobe spent more time on the program than elaborate ways to stop piracy (that BTW will never work ) it might run faster.

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