Brushes don’t work

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Nov 3, 2003
I have just installed the tryout version of Photoshop 7.0. None of my brushes are working. The healing, the clone, and the paint brushes all don’t work. I have tried re-installing, and i have tried opening Photoshop using the Shift, Alt, Control keys to re-set the settings to default. Why are these brushes not working??

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Nov 3, 2003
Have you checked to see that you’re not working on a locked or hidden layer?

Have you checked to see that your brushes are set to "Normal" mode (not color, screen, multiple, etc…

Are you sure you’re not trying to paint outside of a selection (or that a selection is not active)?
Nov 3, 2003
Also, unless you are using a pen and tablet, make sure that the Shape Dynamics in the brushes palette is not set at pen pressure which is the default. If it is, the mouse will not work because it does not work with various pressures.
Nov 3, 2003
No, layers and background are unlocked. Layer attributes are set to normal. I fill the background with a color, make a new layer, make a square selection in the middle, fill it with another color, then use the healing brush to try and blend the edges. It doesn’t work. Neither does the eraser tool, (altho the magic eraser does work) and neither does the clone tool, and neither does the paint brushes when i try to make a mark on it. I have tried it both with the area selected and deselected. The paint brushes don’t work no matter what i do.

I have also tried bringing in a photo (jgp) to touch it up with the healing brush. It doesn’t work. Nor do the other tools, whether locked or unlocked. These tools are suppose to work….
Nov 4, 2003
Is the transparency lock on (it is by default) – this would prevent you from cloning into the transparent area.

Try merging the two layers and see if that works.

(Posted from the UK)

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