Flip Video Camcorder: 60-Minutes (White)

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May 22, 2009
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I bought this as a Christmas present for my 60-year-old father. I told him to open my present first so he’d be able to record the rest of the morning. He just popped in some batteries and, voilà!, a couple of hours later he was posting videos on YouTube. I connected the camcorder to the TV so everyone was able to watch it. Needless to say, it’s easy to use, fun, and relatively inexpensive.

Zoom quality isn’t the greatest and the colors are a bit desaturated in overcast weather conditions, but that’s to be expected from such an inexpensive camcorder.

I definitely recommend this product for anyone wishing to record good times with their friends and family with ease.
Good price, quality and plenty of time – 30 minutes is more than enough. and easy and fun to use. I got it for my kid
When I first bought this in summer 2007, I was very happy with this little camera. But soon after, I started to struggle with uploading the videos onto my computer. Nine tries out of ten, the PC just didn’t seem to "see" the device, so the Flip software failed to initiate. It took me multiple attempts to save my video files onto my PC. Finally today, after spending a maddening two hours trying to retrieve updated firmware from the Flip webside and trying every USB port on my PC without being able to save my videos, I called customer support. A very nice and patient man spent 3 hours on the phone with me and we still couldn’t figure it out. After all else failed, he finally suggested I take it to a nearby CVS Pharmacy that happens to have a Pure Digital machine that could make a DVD from the videos on the Flip recorder. It didn’t work. The CVS machine didn’t "see" my Flip either. So, six hours later, my videos are still trapped on my Flip and I am no closer to a solution. The nice young man in customer support said he would escalate my case to higher level technical support and I should expect a call back in a few days. I’m so sorry I bought this product. What a sad waste of time and money!
Best $125 I ever spent. Recommend wholeheartedly and without reservations! Carry this thing with me everywhere. Post videos on YouTube and Facebook. Make school projects for the kids.

2 AA batteries available anywhere, carry replacements with you. User interface of device clear and simple.

No tripod connection!!!
Supplied software is klugey and intrusive.

As an amateur, I’m importing videos into Windows Movie Maker and happily editing audio and video.

I would have loved to have done a video review of the Flip Classic, but my Flip stopped working only one month after I started using it. I only used it four or five times, in fact.

What I liked: It’s lightweight, simple, uses common AA batteries, and makes taking little videos easy.

What I didn’t like: The software is glitchy. The USB port is an accident waiting to happen–you really need to be very gentle and connect the camera via a USB cable. Also, after using the camera only four times, it just stopped working for no reason. It’s not very rugged, apparently. I tried to turn it on today, and the Flip wouldn’t power up. Well, it would get as far as displaying the logo screen and then it just went dead. I took the batteries out and put them back in, I tried brand new, fresh batteries, then new batteries of a different brand. Nothing. Dead Flip. Less than two months from when it came out of the package.

Although customer service does meet their claim to respond to an email in under four hours, there was no explanation as to what might be causing the problem. I was able to plug the Flip into the computer and copy all of my videos, but it doesn’t look like I’ll be making new ones.

After looking around online for information about my Flip, I found a lot of articles and discussions about Flip malfunctions. These cameras are just terribly plagued by defects and problems, including the one I bought. Mine went dead after four uses and gentle handling. I want my money back.

The Flip Video Camcorder is a portable, easy-to-use solution for creating and sharing high-quality home movies. Flip Video is the ideal choice for capturing everyday moments that happen anywhere, and sharing them with family and friends everywhere. The camcorder’s built-in software makes saving and sharing memories simple and convenient: email videos, make custom movies, capture still photos from video clips, and upload videos directly to popular sharing sites, including YouTube and Grouper Networks. Flip Video comes with a TV connector cable, wrist strap, soft carrying case, two AA batteries, and an instruction booklet.


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