CS4 extended > file > open > … IMAGE SEQUENCE checkbox unavailable.. why?

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Feb 14, 2009
I’m using Ps cs4 on win xp, and i’m trying to open an animated gif as animation frames..

If i try to open it on the classical way, i can only open the first frame..

on adobe help, i found that i should go to file > open and check the Image Sequence box.. and.. well.. it’s there… but it’s blocked.. i can’t activate it.. so i can’t open as image sequence..

you can see a snap of the window.. <http://users4.nofeehost.com/gerardarmando2/psis.jpg>

now, looking, i found on the ps/mac forum a way for opening an animated gif as animation frames..

# Go directly to File – Import – Video Frames to Layers, and go to the folder of your gif file.

# In the name field type in *.gif and press return ("enter"). You should now be able to see and select gif files for import.

It worked! … but i think it’s a "hidden way".. i mean.. it’s not a viable way..

so.. is there any reason why it’s unavailable? is there any way to activate it? is there a viable way for the aim?

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