Layer Styles don’t work with one file

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Oct 29, 2008
I’m using CS2 for Win. I’ve got an important file that will not accept layer styles. The layers appear to be "styled" on the layer stack, but nothing previews or shows up on the actual layer. I’ve created new layers; they don’t take styles either. Other files in the system – including new ones – work okay; it’s just this one that has the problem.

It could be contaminated; I accidentally saved it as a PDF with layers, and then back to a TIF. It’s an 8-bit file; I’ve tried saving it as a PSD. Same problem.

Is there a way to rescue this thing? I have to get it to a client tomorrow. Many thanks to anyone who can help!

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Oct 29, 2008
I don’t know if this will work but it’s at least worth a try.

Create a new document the size/resolution of your original then drag your layers into the new document.
Oct 29, 2008

Are you by any chance trying to apply styles to an "adjustment" layer rather than a "normal layer"? See if you can select the original layer and try applying the styles to that (you may need to rename your Background layer to something else – just double click).

There are some styles (drop shadow, inner and outer glow, etc.) that have no noticeable effect on an adjustment layer.

Hope this helps.

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