Replacing CS3 Beta with release version

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Apr 20, 2007
I have CS3 Beta installed on my system (Windows XP, SP2) and am waiting to receive the release version upgrade. Will the installer routine on the CS3 CD uninstall the Beta version, or does it have to be uninstalled manually beforehand? I have seen some references to a clean-up script in messages on this forum, but it isn’t clear to me whether it is part of the installer routine or needs to be obtained separately.

Any other precautions I should take to avoid disaster?

I apologize if this has been answered before and I just missed it.

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Apr 20, 2007
Take great caution using the script, at least on a PC. I used it one one side of a dual boot machine–after carefully reading the directions and


and decided to use it–big mistake for me. I could not install on that bootable partition. Get a message saying the installer is corrupt everytime I try an install. Am in the process of scrubbing that partition and reinstalling OS and programs!

Used the normal Windows uninstall on the other bootable partition, did a registry cleaning with Uninstaller Pro, and the install went without a hitch.

Apr 20, 2007
I’ve put in a new FAQ entry about uninstalling the CS3 Beta with a link to a Knowledge Base document:


I’ll echo the caution about the script. When I used it, I was surprised to see all my custom actions, brushes etc vanish, because I wasn’t warned that the script would remove all folders without prompting.

I recommend using Add/Remove Programs (like a normal de-installation), and then running a registry clean utility.
Apr 21, 2007
Thanks to everyone for the advice. One last stupid question: Using Add/Remove Programs, should I uninstall everything listed? I started to run the uninstaller several weeks ago and was intimidated by the list of options. I still have CS and CS2 installed and was afraid of breaking them. Losing custom brushes, etc. isn’t an issue for me because I haven’t created any.

I have Registry Mechanic and I’ll be sure to run that.
Apr 21, 2007
I ran the uninstall. selected everything. ran fine. then opened the script zip and read the pdf (oops i forgot to deactivate the beta – hope that doesn’t bite me later) anyway, it said don’t run the script unless you have to.

checked cs2. yup still functioning. and cs2 bridge.

so i went and installed cs3 ee and it went fine. reboot per the installer instructions. started right up, activated and got to the main screen just fine. and it kept all the actions etc i had set up. didn’t need to run the script at all.

mat, i didn’t get to read your new faq yet, but if you didn’t you should add something about DEactivating the beta before uninstalling it.
Apr 21, 2007
I didn’t deactivate before uninstalling the beta from control panel. After uninstalling the beta, I also uninstalled the beta version of Bridge from control panel. Then I ran a repair installation on PSCS2 and Lightroom just in case the uninstall had messed up something. They both worked fine. I ran the standard PsCS3 installer from the download, and it completed without incident. I rebooted and started it up. No problem at all, except that the Beta serial number was still stored and came up in the activation screen (as it turned out). I thought the serial number was my new serial number preencoded in the download, so I went ahead with activation, which failed. Telephone activation (automatic) also failed. When I contacted a representative on the telephone activation line and gave her the numbers on my screen, she said I was using the beta serial number. Went to the Adobe Store and got my correct number and all went fine. No problems or glitches other than that.
Apr 21, 2007
🙂 i almost did the same thing. I looked twice and then checked the back of the case and realized it before i hit enter to activate! 🙂
Apr 21, 2007
Maybe it’s time for F disk and re-install OS and apps first. I read the Clean Script info and it sounds like Liquid Plummer for your HD.

Jeeese! Backup my entire C drive first? I have 110G of stuff on it and nowhere to go.

Of course, if I Fdisk first…..

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