Can’t open jpegs: "Program Error". CS2

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Dec 20, 2006
I am drawing storyboards for an animated film on my Cintiq using CS2. The other day, I created about 50 drawings. Today, I am doing corrections and CS2 won’t open the drawings because of a "program error". This has happened before, but the warning said it was an "Unknown jpeg marker". I created these docs in Photoshop on the same computer: MacBook Pro OS X 10.4.8.

What’s the deal?

In the meantime, I can open these drawings in Preview then copy and paste them into a new PS doc, but that is a pain and I shouldn’t have to jump through those hoops.

Thanx for any help anyone has to offer!

– T

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Dec 20, 2006
Something may have corrupted the files. Did you save over a network?

BTW, you would be better off not saving the files as JPEGs since you loose information everytime you open and resave a file. Use TIFF os PSD instead.
Dec 20, 2006
can you open files in a new user?
Dec 21, 2006
"Unknown jpeg marker" usually points to a corrupted file wrecked by hardware issues.

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