disk errors/color bars/displaced images

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Sep 30, 2006
I am working on a G5 1.8 duel processor running OS 10.4.8 with Adobe CS2. I have 3 GB of RAM.

When I save a psd or tiff, then reopen it, I get this message- This document has been damaged by a disk error. The most likely cause of this error are: a defective disk drive, a defective disk drive cable, or incorrect peripheral cable termination. Some of the pixels in this document may be invalid. Open anyway?

Color bars appear through the image and sometimes there are displaced pixels. These are not on another layer, but imbedded in the image. It doesn’t happen every time.

I have talked to Adobe 5 times,which led nowhere, gotten rid of preferences, reinstalled the OS, reinstalled Photoshop, purchased more memory, ran diagnostic on the hardware, which came out fine.

I need help, please- I no longer know what to do. I am having to do things over and over. I had to pay for a printing mistake that had a displaced section of the image and was not caught in proofing. Does anyone have these problems with Photoshop?

Thanks so much,

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