Amazon as a tutorial source??

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Oct 25, 2003
It has come to my attention that Amazon now lets you peruse titles by text search! Some 120,000 book titles are available, including many Photoshop Elements titles. This opens the door to getting tutorials right from books that you’ve heard about–and some you haven’t.

1. Go to Amazon. <>

2. Scroll down the page past Keyword Search to Search, choose Books from the drop list and type in Photoshop Elements then click GO. The search will take you to a listing of Photoshop Elements titles.

3. Scroll down the list of books in the middle column and look for titles that have a NEW icon below the pricing, followed by "• Excerpt from page…"

4. Click on the page link, and it opens the page in the book!

5. Better yet: when you’ve opened the page, enter some text in the "Search Inside This Book" box and click GO. This will bring up a listing of where the subject is discussed in the entire book. Click on any of those links to view that content.

This might prove to be a great source of learning, both about books and what they have to offer, as well as getting you spot information that you don’t want to have to buy a whole book to get.

Hope that helps!

Richard Lynch

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Oct 25, 2003
This is very cool, Richard! I saw the feature but never tried it out, now I will!

Sara Froehlich
Oct 25, 2003
Wow, that is neat!
I was trying it yesterday looking up some stuff for my husband, but never thought that it would look thru my PSE books and tell me what is where! Or other books, or tutorials. This is going to be valuable. Its like that National Geographic total index, but far far larger and better.
Maybe we better buy some stock in Amazon, they keep getting better and better. Jane
Oct 25, 2003
Hey that is brilliant. No more buying books that are not suitable for what I want.

Hopefully, sometime in the future they will extend this feature to the UK site. Until then I have just joined

Thanks Richard
Oct 25, 2003
Richard, either you are an as lousy sales person like I am or this is one of the best tricks. 😉 Soon I’ll go to and read your book without buying. When it is as good as people say, I even might consider buying it…..;-)

Oct 26, 2003
I am probably lousy at sales…but at the same time, I think a truly valuable book is one that makes you need it, and that you can read more than one way — not feel like you’ve easily digested in its entirety by the time you’ve gotten to the end. I think a lot fall into the latter category…and aren’t worth investing in. The new Amazon feature will let you kick the tires, and I’m a proponent of that.

Glad you guys shared my enthusiasm over that!


Must-have mockup pack for every graphic designer 🔥🔥🔥

Easy-to-use drag-n-drop Photoshop scene creator with more than 2800 items.

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