White no longer white in v. CS

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Apr 2, 2004
I checked my color settings enumerable times and ran test prints with each setting change of each type (even different color engine.) Oddly, if I changed workspace profiles while an image was open, I could see my image color change radically.

What finally worked for printing and display success is getting rid of the Eye-One profiles and using a new profile I created from the Apple System Color Calibration device.

Even though printing and display now seems fine, any white in my RGB images shows as 255, 255, 255 on the sliders, but any other slider set won’t read white:
CMYK reads 0%, 1%, 0%, 0%; Grayscale reads 1%, and even Lab reads 100, 1, 1

I’m burned out, and will live with this. Obviously it’s not a problem with Photoshop! Thanks for your input.
Apr 5, 2004
That isn’t odd – that is expected if the documents are using the working space and don’t have their own profiles.

Those small value differences could come from changing the color engine (known problem in ColorSync) – the Adobe/ACE engine will give the best results. They could also come from changing the rendering intent, or from other profiles that you chose for CMYK and Grayscale.

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