Can I get PS CS to ignore the "Orientation" EXIF field?

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Jul 6, 2004
I am having real difficulty finding an application to use as a "pre-PS" stage to preview images and cull any that are not up to standard (my machine is not fast enough to make PS CS file browser an option — it’s just too slow).

Many that I’ve tried (e.g. ACDSee) are OK — they allow you to rotate vertical images losslessly for viewing and are quite quick — but they LOSE YOUR EXIF DATA!! Or at least some of it. How crazy is that?

However, irfanview doesn’t seem to lose any when doing a lossless rotate, but rather goes perhaps too far in preserving EXIF by keeping the "Orientation: Rotate 90" EXIF entry.

So when I go into PS CS, it thinks the image needs rotating again and flips it back to horizontal!

At least, I think that the Orientation entry is the cause of my problems.

If so, how do I get PS CS to ignore it and treat the image as in the correct orientation already?



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