Photoshop gives ‘disk is full’ error message when saving file

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Feb 6, 2004

I have the following problem when saving a photoshop 7.0 file to a network drive on my windows XP pc:

The save is unsuccessful and Photoshop returns an error message ‘Could not save as "W:\test.psd" because the disk is full’. This share is on a linux/samba 2.2.8a server and has about 1 terabyte free disk space. Photoshop is also the ONLY application that cannot save to this share; all other applications (eg acrobat, office xp, matlab, etc) have no problems at all and can save files there. I have many more network shares of the same configuration where photoshop can save without problems.

Did anybody experience this before? What could be the reason for this error message? (there is plenty of disk space) What is photoshop doing different than all the other apps?

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Andre Kerstens
Feb 6, 2004
Yes, that’s a bug in some microsoft file APIs.

The solutions are to upgrade to Photoshop CS, or fill up the server so that less than a terrabyte is available.

And what Photoshop is doing different: checking to see that adequate space is left BEFORE saving.

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