File Browser – random date changes when adding metadata

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Jan 12, 2004
I am trying to add some basic metadata (copyright, brief description, a few keywords) to JPEG images before archiving them. When I add the metadata using the File Info dialog, the Date Created and Date Modified dates in the File Properties are changed to seemingly random dates and times. For example, of six images to which I added metadata today (1/12/2004), the new dates added are, in this order: 2/4/1987, 1/1/2010, 1/18/2010, 1/29/2010, 2/10/2010, and 3/3/2010.

Since I read in another thread that images can be sorted by date in File Browser using only these fields, and not the dates in the EXIF data (which have remained correct for my images), this appears to be a significant problem.

For the record, I am using Photoshop CS under Windows XP.

I’m finally working on organizing lots of images, so I’ll appreciate any help on this question.

Brian Lokker

PS While I’m at it, can anyone tell me why, when the dates are updated "correctly," it is the Date Created that changes to the current date, while the Date Modified remains as the original date the photo was taken? That’s always seemed backwards to me.

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