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Nov 6, 2003
Two questions:

I’m creating a spider web in PS7. I’ve made a path to describe its shape and now need to stroke that path with tiny ‘dewdrops’. By setting the brush spacing I can get a uniform distribution of dewdrops along the web spokes, but I need a random, non-uniform distribution in order to look more realistic. I can set jitter/scatter etc for all sorts of effects, but not, it seems to do what I want. Am I missing something, or has anyone another method for achieving this?

Second – I need to place larger water drops with a face refracted in them, along the web spokes. I made the water drop/face image and then tried to make a custom brush out of it. Of course, that doesn’t work in colour, so I ended up having to place the water droplets by hand – very tedious, especially since they each needed to be a different size. Anyway, the question is … is there a better way? In particular, it would be great to be able to easily do this with any waterdrop/face combination I like.

I’ve put my first attempt up at this web address:


and I’d appreciate any suggestions or comments.



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