Fireworks as a complete WYSIWYG Solution?

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May 30, 2009
Why not make Fireworks a complete WYSIWYG website publisher?

It does a decent job of making the pages. It can export in CSS. with just a little work, Fireworks could also upload the finished sites and eliminate the need for Dreamweaver for most static sites.

Sometimes I just need to bang out a simple, static site and Fireworks would be perfect if it had just a few more abilities that we now MUST use Dreamweaver for.

So why isn;t Fireworks a complete WYSIWYG website publisher? Is it destined for the rubbish heap? Why keep it dependent on something as archaic as Dreamweaver for simple sites?
Duncan Kennedy
May 30, 2009
In message <kJ4Ul.63829$>, John Smith
Why not make Fireworks a complete WYSIWYG website publisher?
Adobe don’t come here any more – why not ask the question in the Adobe web forums?

It is a valid enough question as Dreamweaver is a bit much for those who just want their own home site. On the other hand I would be completely lost without Dreamweaver and the ability to alter in the code when necessary – but I use it all day every day and still haven’t used the half of it.

A second, cheaper WYSIWYG might be valid and I do prefer Fireworks to Photoshop for a lot of web related work although I, personally, never us it to write web pages.

Duncan K
Downtown Dalgety Bay

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