CS4: What annoys you?

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May 29, 2009
During decades Photoshop has been accreting all level users to accomplish multiple tasks, from the simplest to the very sophisticated. Along the way, the application has included new ways of integrating new functionalities for different uses that made the application grow bigger in such a way that even the most power users only use 50% of it, and regular users only 10 %.

With each new version, we find dialogs increasing in size and amount of components and styles for doing new things, however this fact causes the application to be monolithic, making the user pay the price of complexity.

However Adobe is not making anything by chance, and nor to harm users at all. Adobe is currently melting technologies together to provide new interface for controlling their applications. In the near future scene we will see Flash interfaces designed to tackle such cumulative complexity.

New tools like PatchPanel and SwitchBoard for example allow Flex and AIR applications to communicate with Adobe Suit programs to provide simple user interfaces for achieving simple tasks at the suit programs.

Now the question is:

If Adobe has decided to change the course of its interfaces while the programs grow monolithically, which things you think that Photoshop and other suit programs are going to be first controlled by flash technology?

And more specifically; If you had the chance to change things, what things annoy you about Photoshop that would worth change?

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