Are there different classes of 32-bit color, perhaps "real 32-bit" and "faked/faux 3

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Apr 21, 2009
I am working on a 16×16 icon for the Windows XP system tray area (in the lower right corner) and I noticed that if the artist sends me a *.ico in 32-bit color:

– MS Visual Studio complains that it cannot *edit* 32-bit color (which is fine, and reassuring)

but most importantly:

– The icon looks much nicer (*) than if I use 24-bit color.

The doubt that I have is about IrfanView: it claims that the file in question is only 24-bit color.

Is there anything about 32-bit color I should know?



(*) The staircase lines are gone: it looks like the extra depth info is used to render the 2D image.

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Andrew Morton
Apr 21, 2009
This thread may give you clues: l

The only "faking" with 32-bit colour goes with pre-multplied alpha: lpha


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