Smart Objects between Photoshop, Illustrator and Dreamweaver while managing the version in Vesion Cu

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Dec 13, 2008
Ok, so the title of this post sounds confusing. First off, I created a graphic in Illustrator CS3. It is to be used on a web page created in Dreamweaver CS3. I want to be able to streamline the editing process by using the Smart Object linking feature between Dreamweaver and Photoshop CS3.

Obviously, the problem is, I cannot link the Photoshop source to Dreamweaver because the source is not a Photoshop file, it is in Illustrator. The obvious solution to that is to export the Illustrator file as a Photoshop file. The problem with that is, I want to maintain the source in Illustrator and make edits in Illustrator.

So, my solution was to place the Illustrator file in Photoshop and make the Illustrator file a Smart Object in Photoshop. Then link that Photoshop file to the Dreamweaver page. So, basically, Photoshop is just the link between Dreamweaver and Illustrator. It works well! I click the little edit button in Dreamweaver abd it calls up the file in Photoshop. Then I double-click on the Smart Object layer in Photoshop and the source comes up in Illuistrator.

Now, here is the problem. To add to the confusion, I maintain versioning in Version Cue. So whenever I change the Illustrator file, I check it in to Version Cue. The Illustrator file I linked to in Photoshop is the local file on my computer. This file is syncronized with the version of the file that gets uploaded to Version Cue. This may sound complicated, but to see how I did it is pretty straight forward.

My assumption was, when I double clicked on the Smart Object layer in Photoshop, I would get the local copy of the Illustrator file to edit. But, that wasn’t the case. Problem is, I got a temp file of the Illustrator graphic and NOT the original source file I linked to in Photoshop.

I can still edit the temp file and have those changes automatically made in Photoshop and then update the image in Dreamweaver. BUT, when I got to check in the new edits of the Illustrator file to Version Cue, it wants to create a new file and not rev-up to the new version of the original file. That’s because the file I’m checking in is NOT the original file, it is a temp file.

Does anyone else use a workflow like this? If so, how do you do it?

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Dec 13, 2008
Ok, so far I have come up with this solution. Usually after editing the Illustrator file I would check it in. But, as mentioned, I can’t just do that because the file I’m editing is the temp file and not the original file syncronized with Version Cue.

So, instead of using Check-In when I’m done, I can use Save As… I can then overwrite my local file that is syncronized with Version Cue. That will save the new file as the correct name and automatically check it into Version Cue as the next version of the correct file.

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