Creating a gold medal affect

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Sep 26, 2008
I have several clipart images that Id like to turn into golden (silver, bronze) medal looking images. Here is an example of a before

and an after

Those are examples I found online. Id like to know how to do the same affect with other images. Im totally new to photoshop, so a full explanation will help immensely. Thanks in advance.

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Sep 26, 2008
Well, google shows how to make something from scratch. I have an existing image that I want to have the same details and shape, but look like a medal.
Sep 26, 2008
Make the shape from scratch (tracing your image). Make it gold per tutorials. Then paste your image on top, and play with the blending modes to have it on top.

I have an existing image that I want to have the same details and shape, but look like a medal.

I think this is a pretty complex task for someone new to photoshop.

One way to quickly create a gold effects would be to goto (using your image) filter… render… lighting effects. Pick a gold light color and a gold material color as shown here:

< 2UerXsjpVJv>

Then see how I picked blue as the texture channel. Play with each channel and see which looks the best. You might also play with spotlight vs directional at the top. Have fun.

A blue squiggle ends up gold here:

< Go20jS1LKPom>

That might be the simplest way to make gold from an image.


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