Cannot initialize Photoshop CS2 "not enough memory" error

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Jul 15, 2008
I had Photoshop CS2 installed and running fine on a MacBook Pro (10.5.4, 2GB RAM), until it suddenly crashed and now will not open. Gives the error message: "Could not initialize because there’s not enough memory." I have 1.5 GB of memory free, and 70 GB of disk space free. I’ve reinstalled, tried creating a new user to run it, but nothing is working. I’ve found a couple of mentions of the same problem online, but no solutions. Can anyone help me?

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Jul 15, 2008
Keep in mind CS2 is not supported in Leopard.

Also you know that CS2 is running in Rosetta (PPC emulation) Rossetta by itself is a Memory hog. 1.5GB is not much memory. and I have a feeling this is more a Rosseta problem than a Photoshop problem.

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