Problem: How Do I keep Adjustment layers etc from affecting certain layers?

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Andrew Parkhouse
Aug 22, 2006
Firstly, sorry for the delay in replying, but have been in hospital for a few days, and this is my first day back home.

Dirk, your instructions worked perfectly and are now my ‘clouds’ layer is no longer affected by the H&S Levels Adjustment layers.

The option to put the clouds layer above the adjustment-layer does not work because it just covers up the whole image, and no longer shows through the selected or cut out areas I have done.

I will look more into Layer Masks.

This Creative Suite is very good, but some of it has quite a steep learning curve, but I am getting there!

Thanks to you all helping me.

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Aug 23, 2006
Andrew, glad you were able to understand my instructions. My favorite learning tool is ""

Go check it out: <>

Hope nothing serious with the hospital stay…

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