Buying a G5 and need your input

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Aug 24, 2004
<FONT FACE="Verdana"><SPAN STYLE=’font-size:12.0px’>I am looking to purchase a G5 Dual and I don&#8217;t know which model to buy.<BR>
It&#8217;s been a little while since I bought a mac, I am using a G4 733, so I have research to do yet.<BR>
It is between the 1.8, 2.0 or &nbsp;2.5 GHz.<BR> Is there a big difference between the 3 in speed/performance?<BR> How compatible are they with existing displays, printers, etc?<BR> <BR>
Not on an unlimited budget, but looking for the most bang for my buck and the wisest purchase.<BR>
Also, I have always purchased all my macs directly from Apple is there any reason I should look elsewhere?<BR>
I have looked at mail order websites and understand that they put in most 3rd party extras if I want to &#8220;build it my way&#8221;. Apple will not support these 3rd party products, that is way I have always gone direct.<BR>
Thanks for your input,<BR>
Aug 24, 2004
The best bang has historically been the model just down from the most expensive – the 2.0 in this case. Mathematically the 2.5 might be 25 percent faster, but in reality, it’s probably not quite that. Unless your printer or monitor is so old it needs replacing anyway, you have no problems other than maybe needing an adapter here or there. Anything SCSI is another story.

As far as where to buy, I always compare the difference between Apple and somewhere like MacZone or Mac Solutions. Because there is so little markup in Apple hardware and Apple is very strict in enforcing their minimum advertised pricing policy, places like MacZone and others will often have incentive offers like free ram and shipping that will tip the balance in their favor price wise. I like both of the aforementioned dealers for their great service, good prices and because they know Macs.
Aug 24, 2004
You get what you pay for, but typically the mid range box is the best value. Depends on your needs.

Buy RAM from third parties. See: <Neil Keller "OT: Best RAM source for new a PowerBook?" 8/23/04 6:10pm </cgi-bin/webx?13/20>>

Try (no tax) if you are not a student.
Aug 24, 2004
I got my G5 2Ghz from MacConnection in New Hampshire.

Their "deal" of the moment included a free extra RAM (1 GB, which has worked flawlessly); discounted price on Apple Care; a $100 "rebate" and no tax.

This was shortly after the machines started to ship and Apple had them back-ordered. MacConnection had them in stock for next-day shipping.
Aug 25, 2004
<> Here’s Bare Feats test results.
Aug 25, 2004
Thanks everybody for your time and information.

Aug 25, 2004
One G5 will arrive today (I think) or tomorrow.
I can’t believe it!!!
I’m gonna do some tests for myself comparing my old Dual 800 G4 to this new G5. I also will try to see first-hand what the differences are between the SATA and SCSI since the machine will have both.

Also, regarding the NVIDIA vs. ATI stuff, virtually everyone I’ve talked to has opted for the NVIDIA brand of video cards.
I’ve read in a few threads at the Apple discussion forum where the ATI 9600 cards have caused freezes for some of the people posting and also regarding the ‘rippling’ during scrolling (which Apple appears to view that anomaly as ‘within spec’). Though I can’t confirm the ATI 9600 is indeed problematic, but I would urge whoever cares to do some further research into it.

I actually have the ATI9600 coming in so I can keep an eye on the issue(s).

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