photomerge seems to lockup Photoshop but not computer

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Feb 17, 2005
Very new to Photoshop. Really new. Never used it before. This is version 8.
Windows 2000 pro sp 4
768 megs ram.

When I go to photomerge and pick files to merge (either with auto checked or not checked) the images manuever around ant then stop. But when i try to click anything I just get beeps. I can’t continue to do anything.

a alt-tab removes the photomerge from the screen. (I noticed trying to A/T to another program to see if the computer was locked up.) The system is not locked up. Just the photoshop window is.


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Feb 17, 2005
Good chance you are either low on RAM, have your RAM allocation set too high in Photoshop or do not have enough scrach disk space…any of these things can cause Photomerge to do strange things…

Try this

Click on two photos to merge, see if it works. Then click on 3 photos to merge see if that works…wash rinse repeat til you find a top out point. This is both a memory and scratch disk intensive process.

I have a gig of ram and 120 gigs of hard drive space for scratch and every once in a while when using Photomerge it locks up (usually on high res files with lots of pictures I want to merge…)

If you are locking up after 1 or 2 pictures, go to preferences and one, reset your memory allocation 50%. and two, set your scratch disk to the largest drive you have that is either partitioned or another physical drive without the Operating system on it (ie don’t use C as your scratch disk if you have windows installed on the C drive…windows and photoshop don’t share playground space very well…)

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