Sepia tones-help a newbie,please !!!!

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Anna Marie Langley
Aug 17, 2003
I am a basic newbie to PSE2, but have just completed my PSE class at Eclectic Academy (passed with flying colors). But before part 2 begins (in September) I need HELP!!!
I have a black/white photo in a file (scanned it a few years ago when I had access to the picture), but the subject has died and now the family wants a copy of it but in a sepia tone to reflect the age. (She died last week at 89, but the picture was when she was 3).
I have checked out my books on PSE2 for help,couldn’t find any, but realized I had the best right here. I’m really glad I’ve been a lurker for the last few months.
Anna :confused:

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Mac McDougald
Aug 17, 2003
Change image to RGB color mode (assuming it’s grayscale). Make new layer.
Fill new layer with a sepia color (paint bucket tool); something around the red: 160 G: 140 B: 5 range or thereabouts.
Change layer mode to Color, lower opacity to what looks right, maybe 25- 40%.

That’s one of any number of ways.

Peter Gaunt
Aug 17, 2003
In article ,
Grant Dixon wrote:

Can this be accessed by news reader?


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